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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

..who am I to you?

he's a friend
a very good friend
however i have feelings towards him
is it a sin to have fallen for him?

i don't know
i hope he won't find out
if he did find out, what will his reaction be?
will he hates me?
will he likes me back?
will he ignores my feelings,
and acts like nothing has happenend?

i know what you are thinking
this sounds very cliche

what do you know, love is like that
it is actually the same thing
from strangers > friends > best friends > love
we experience different types of love
which is handled differently

love between
special person
living things (pets, trees, etc)
objects (house,cars, etc)

and the greatest love which not all of us can experience it easily
because most of the time we are blinded with earthy love
is the love to ALLAH and Rasulullah

this type of love
will never brake your heart
on contrary, it'll heal your heartache

we have received Love Letters from Allah
we have received blessings from Rasulullah

oh, how we are loved

i shouldn't be worrying
about my one sided crush with him
because if
i really love him
i'll seek his love from Allah

if we are destined to be together
with all Allah's power,
we will be united under the lawful marriage of Islam

thank you Allah

01:49 am 10april2013

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