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Sunday, 1 September 2013

crazy thing called...?

i always want my crush to acknowledge my existence.
i want him to know that a person called ME is there right in front of his eyes.
i don't want him to say, "We went to school together? I'm sorry but I can't remember.", ten years after graduating.

so, sometimes..i will
laugh out loud when he is around
drop my things in front of him in hope he'll help me pick them up
tell him a teacher calls for him when there is none
sit opposite of him during recess
smile at him whenever we passed each other
cheer on him during his extra-curricular practice
tell my friends that he is a horrible person so that they won't flirt with him
call out his best friend's name when they are talking
just to get him to know that i exist.

#people do crazy things when they are in love #DISNEY's Hercules

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