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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Favourite Colour?

Sometimes knowing the favourite colour of the person you had a crush on can make a difference. A difference to yourself. You might make it your new favourite colour!

This happened to a friend of mine. He had a crush on this girl in our co-curricular class.
He's been eyeing on the girl for a few months. His favourite colour is orange. His bagpack is orange in colour, his shoes, most of his shirts and his stationery. Thank goodness he didn't dye his HAIR orange!  This girl is very cute. She doesn't talk to the opposite sex. Well, except if it's under official business she'll talk. So as a friend, I became his representative.
When I gave my report which consists of her profile, my friend became very enthusiastic!
He started to like love the colour of PINK, he read BOOKS which he never read before and he tried to talk to her. Since he hold a position in the club, he found a way to talk to her.
This is when my job as a representative ended.
Ever since then I can see him wearing pink tie, pink shirt, pink phone-strap etc.

Well, what d'ya know! LOVE changes one's favourite COLOUR. and to think PINK! a sweet colour for the beginning of my friends' love story.


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